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Traditional Client/Sever Development

Companies have made use of the client/server model of database management for many years. It has proven to be an effective method of maintaining records or tables of data and generating the forms required to manage that data. Most importantly, client/server applications can be used to automate your business functions, and allow multiple users simultaneous access to your information, eliminating the paper shuffle that can slow down your company's reaction time and cost you money.

IBERTRON Technologies has been developing customized client/server solutions for our clients since our beginning. We design applications using today's cutting-edge tools, including SQL Server, Oracle, Access and Visual Basic. Further, our extensive project history has provided us with the experience to interface directly with many older database systems, allowing you to leverage your existing information resources while still taking advantage of today's technologies. From traditional text-based records and documents to audio and video recordings, we can help you expand the capabilities of your existing database systems.

Our background and training has provided us with extensive knowledge of networks and systems architecture. This allows us to design and upgrade software with a more comprehensive understanding of your systems and their issues. If a deep understanding of client/server integration is what you need, IBERTRON can deliver.

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