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Web-Enabled Application Development

IBERTRON Technologies can help you maximize the capabilities of your database systems by integrating remote information sharing with Intranet and Internet functionality. Traditional client/server applications of yesterday and today are merging with the web-based technologies of the future. It's changing how information is accessed, displayed and disseminated. This is, of course, the root of eBusiness and where most companies are now aiming their information systems. In order to compete in the "New Economy", businesses must be willing to evolve their current web sites from static information sharing to dynamic, integrated sites focused on elevating the business, its processes, products and services onto the Web. This means sharing relevant data with customers, partners, suppliers and remote staff through the use of Web-enabled technologies such as the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Information stored in a database can be made available from your company's network or across the Internet. We can help you leverage your database resources to deliver information to multiple applications providing users with the ability to exchange, update and edit information in real-time. This technology makes it possible for your employees to access information from a remote office, their home, laptop computers on the road or at a client site. All that is needed is a valid Internet connection and productivity is only a mouse click away.

eBusiness isn't just a new way of doing business, it's the future of business. To compete in the New Economy, we must all look for ways to make our organizations more efficient and profitable. These change the way we do business and are revolutionizing our world. In fact, we have not seen such significant change since the Industrial Revolution. Those who do not change with it, will be passed over and left behind by those who are embracing tomorrow's technologies today.

It's here, it's real, and we can assist your organization in preparing for the move to the Internet Economy!

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