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IBERTRON Technologies has been providing comprehensive information management solutions since 1994. Our clients stem from diverse industries ranging from Oil & Gas and Property Management to Construction and Manufacturing. Our strength is in our ability to combine our industry experience with our ability to learn and analyze our client's needs and business processes.

With our thorough knowledge of databases and the networks they run on, we are able to create software that is current with the most up to date technologies. This allows our customers the ultimate in control, maintenance and access of their electronic databases. In this ever changing world of high technology, it is vital that companies maintain a high degree of control over their data. This fact often generates a great need for expansion or re-evaluation of current computer systems. Indeed, it is by challenging the limits of the technologies at hand, that a company is able to survive the changing corporate world.

The changes in today’s office systems are such that the demands often seem ominous and daunting. Managers are aware, that in order to increase productivity from their personnel, a networked computer system is the first step towards a viable solution. It is however, the software that is used, that most determines the competitive edge of an office. Companies and mid-tier businesses in particular, most often control their databases with commercial software. Although this is adequate in many situations, administrators eventually find that the generic and limiting qualities of the programs are controlling them, rather than the opposite - a much preferred situation. Once again, the desirable solution is probably less complicated and labor intensive than maintaining the status quo. At IBERTRON, we are able to create custom database management systems that are designed for the specific needs of each and every office or company. This software can ride on top of existing programs, thereby creating a functionality that far exceeds present abilities. It can also be automated to perform certain tasks at specific times. Through discussions with management and concerned personnel, as well as an analysis of the current business processes, we are able to arrive at a solution for your software concerns. This plan for a custom design not only has the ability to increase work performance, but also to streamline critical business applications. The benefits of custom database applications are indeed both real and impressive.

Let our knowledgeable sales staff assist your organization in reaching the pinacle of efficiency, reduce administrative costs, increase customer satisfaction and even generate new sources of revenue.

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